• Make the most of your legacy systems

    Maximise the value within your architecture

    MCS Environment with VSCode development

    Use modern IDEs for both legacy and modern code

    You can continue to code in RPG/COBOL/CLP within a modern IDE. You can compile your programs, but maintain control using source control system.

    There is no learning curve with VSCode IDE and with the integration with IBM i. Your programmers can code legacy and modern languages all from same build platform.


    MCS can help with intial deployment, extraction of source code to git repositories and integate into automated build pipeline.

    MCS Environment Devops with GITLAB

    Use Devops to control all aspects of development

    Open systems development and cloud deployment allows us to create a full devops cycle. Automated building of changed code will trigger code review, testing and staged deployment for final QA approval.


    We have tools to automate regression testing, check security of application and container. We can confirm that new code conforms to company standards.


    MCS can help you build your Gitlab pipeline and train staff in automated testing procedures.

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    Use low cost, high value modern frameworks

    Enterprises need to continually enhance and extend their offering for their internal and external customers. Legacy systems are not built for enhanced UI web and mobile delivery.


    MCS can use their experience to put architectures in place to retain the legacy system control and business rule application while also allowing JS framework and rapid application development for information tools.


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